Author: E & L Harvey, Trudy Tait
Copyright: 2010
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-932774-72-6
Publisher: Harvey Christian Publishers
Size: 128 pp
Weight: 0.4

Asking Father

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True Stories of Answers to Prayer Written Especially for Children

Originally published in 1980, this series of more than 30 short stories is designed to inspire children to approach their Heavenly Father with confidence, knowing that He will honor their prayers. Parents enjoy reading this book as much as their children. It is also an excellent source of material for Sunday Schools. Includes charming black & white illustrations.

One parent's review: "Asking Father has been a favorite of all my children (and their friends). As we read it together, it was always such an inspiration and encouragement that God can and will answer prayer—and in some most unexpected ways!”

Table of Contents

  1. The Horse That Wouldn't Go
  2. Ama and the Leopard
  3. See How They Ran--The Elephants, The Bear, The Lion
  4. The Dolphin, the Perfect Cork
  5. The Hedgehog Does His Bit
  6. The Butterfly Dropped the Clue
  7. The Cattle on a Thousand Hills
  8. The Birds That Served--The Eagle, The Hen
  9. The Horse That Knew Better