Author: Catherine Mackenzie
Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-84550-790-9
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Size: 22 pp
Weight: .5

Are You Ready?

$ 7.50

The true story of Eric Liddell and the Olympic Games.

“On your marks, get set, Go!” The race begins and Eric Liddell thunders down the track as the crowd cheers him on. Eric Liddell spent months preparing himself for the Olympics. But he also spent years getting ready to serve God. Which was more important—winning a gold medal or honoring Jesus Christ? Could Eric do both?

Part of the Little Lights Series written by Catherine Mackenzie. Illustrated by Rita Ammassari. This hardcover children's story is perfect for ages 4-7 and includes charming, full-color illustrations on every page.

Catherine Mackenzie has written over 30 books for children and lives in the Highlands of Scotland.