Author: Warren B Smith
Copyright: 2013
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9895093-3-6
MSRP: 12.95
Publisher: Lighthouse Trails
Size: 174 pp
Weight: 0.6

"Another Jesus" Calling

$ 14.00

How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer

Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ which she compiled into what is now her best-selling book, Jesus Calling. Author Warren Smith carefully documents his concerns about her book, her "Jesus," and the New Age implications contained in many of Young's devotional messages. He also warns about the danger of contemplative prayer and in elevating spiritual experiences over the Word of God. "Another Jesus" Calling is Smith's call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.

About the author: Warren B. Smith is a former social worker who directed several homeless programs in Northern California and served as a hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. Because of his past involvement in the New Age movement, he has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception. He is a frequent speaker at conferences in the US and Canada. Warren has also been a guest on TBC's internet radio program Search the Scriptures 24/7.

Table of Contents

Part One

  1. Channeled Book From Jesus?
  2. Permeated With New Age Terminology
  3. God's Universal Spirit?
  4. God "in" Everyone?
  5. Name it & Claim it
  6. Experience Replaces God's Word
  7. Jesus Needs Us More Than We Need Him?
  8. New Truth & New Revelation
  9. The New Age & Psalm 46:10
  10. New Age Christianity

Part Two

  1. Inspired by a Channeled New Age Book
  2. Channeling Jesus?
  3. Test the Spirits
  4. Jesus Contradicts Himself?
  5. Jesus Tells Us to Laugh at the Future?
  6. The Flattery of Jesus?
  7. Who Wants Us to Rest by the Wayside?
  8. Visualizing Jesus?
  9. The Dark Night of Jesus' Birth?
  10. Abraham Guilty of "Idolatry" & "Son-Worship"?
  11. Contemplative Prayer, the New Age, & Psalm 46:10
  12. Practicing What Presence?
  13. "Co-creating" with God
  14. Quantum Leap, Quantum "Christ"
  15. "Cocoon of Light"
  16. The "Great Work" of "Divine Alchemy"
  17. Jesus is Above All & "in" All?
  18. Moving Toward a New Age/New Worldview
  19. Would Jesus Magnify His Presence Above the Word of God?
  20. "Another Jesus" Calling


Appendix A--Ten Basic Warnings About Deception

Appendix B--The Gospel of the True Jesus Christ

Appendix C--Ten Ways to Be More Discerning