Author: Jane Gumprecht, M.D.
Copyright: 1997
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-885767-27-7
Publisher: Canon Press
Size: 167 pp
Weight: 0.6

Abusing Memory

$ 9.00

The Healing Theology of Agnes Sanford

Ever since the Fall, God's people have been tempted to mix with foreign gods. Many have given in. Evangelicalism's dance with modern psychology is no exception. For the past century, evangelicals have embraced a host of secular therapies, including Inner Healing - a methodology that is said to heal those painful memories hidden in the "unconscious" soul and hinder present happiness. 

One name in particular stands out, Agnes Sanford has long been hailed as the mother of the Inner Healing/Healing of Memories movement. She almost single-handedly brought it out of Jungian psychology and New Thought into the Christian Church.

Though Sanford's methods are popular in various segments of the Church, they are anything but Christian. Jane Gumprecht, M.D. walks us through Agnes Sanford's life and theology to unveil her deep compromises with non-Christian thought.


  1. Mother of Inner Healing
  2. A Free Spirit
  3. Motives for healing
  4. New Thought, New Age, and Agnes
  5. Agnes and God
  6. A Blurred Picture of Jesus
  7. Flirting with Spiritism
  8. Prayer of Faith
  9. Turning God On
  10. Laying on of Hands
  11. Failure of the Prayer of Faith
  12. "Healing of the Soul Never Fails"
  13. Inner Healing and Memories
  14. The Inner Child
  15. The Source of the Unconscious
  16. The Collective Unconscious
  17. Agnes's Legacy: The Ministry of John Sandford
  18. What Then Shall We Say?