Author: McMahon, James, Del Cristo, Seegert, Wilkinson
Copyright: 2015
Format: CD/MP3
MSRP: 79.99/39.99
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 12 CDs; 13+hrs
Weight: 1.2/0.2

2015 Conference Complete CD/MP3

$ 18.00

We give thanks to the Lord for allowing The Berean Call to have another outstanding conference. This year, alongside T. A. McMahon, we were encouraged by returning speakers David James and Paul Wilkinson, and were also blessed by newcomers Jiovanne Del Cristo and Jay Seegert. The topics ranged from creation vs. evolution, spiritual gifts, parenting, biblical discernment, and more! Our speakers covered a wide variety of issues plaguing the church today, but all pointed back to where our salvation lies: in Christ alone!  

  • Jiovanne Del CristoClosing the Gap between Children and Their ParentsThe Growing Heresy within the Hispanic Church
  • David JamesThe Mystery of the Shemitah & the Blood Moon TetradThe Process of Biblical Discernment: Test Case - the Shemitah and Blood Moons
  • T. A. McMahonFellowship: Fortification against ApostasyHomosexuality and the Reign of TerrorThe Power of the Spirit
  • Jay SeegertCreation in Six Days? A Biblical & Scientific AnalysisEvolution: Probable or Problematic?
  • Paul WilkinsonIsrael Betrayed (Parts 1 & 2)A Cup of Water 

 Available in either MP3 or a two volume CD set.