Author: Christopher Knapp
Copyright: 1925 facsimile edition
Format: Book - Softcover
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
Size: 224 pp
Weight: 0.6

Who Wrote Our Hymns?

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Which hymn writer was exiled for his faith in Christ? Who wrote one of our favorite hymns while a permanent invalid? Which famous hymn writer was the youngest of 18 children? In Who Wrote Our Hymns? you will find the inspiring stories of Frances R. Havergal, John N. Darby, John Newton, Philip P. Bliss, and twenty-six more writers of beloved hymns. You will likely gain a deeper appreciation for the truths of these hymns when you learn how much each writer went through before writing them. Facsimile edition printed in 2010.

From the author's Prefatory Note to the original 1925 edition: "Most of these articles appeared originally in the Sunday School Visitor from month to month, and having been intended principally for young people their style is more familiar than in others since written, but simplicity has been always aimed at."

Featured authors include:
  1. Bliss, Philip P
  2. Bonar, Horatius
  3. Bowley, Mary
  4. Cennick, John
  5. Conder, Josiah
  6. Cousin, Ann Ross
  7. Cowper, William
  8. Darby, John Nelson
  9. Deck, James George
  10. Denny, Bart., Sir Edward
  11. Doddridge, Philip
  12. Elliott, Miss Charlotte
  13. Fawcett, John
  14. Gerhardt, Paul
  15. Frazer, George West
  16. Havergal, Frances Ridley
  17. Heber, Reginald