Author: Oard, Mike
Copyright: 2008
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-89051-523-5
Publisher: Master Books
Size: 130 pp
Weight: 0.9

Flood By Design

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A thorough and educational exploration of the Genesis flood's effect on the earth's surface from Frozen in Time author, Mike Oard. Discover if there really was a flood on the scale described in the Bible—and what evidence there is for this global event. Oard gives an astounding answer to these questions and affirms the reality of the account of the Genesis geologic history. Delve into the land features that bear witness of receding flood waters on a remarkable and unmistakable level. Ideal for advanced students and homeschoolers, this eye-opening book includes chapter questions for further review and discussion.


  1. Great Mysteries of the Earth's Surface
  2. The Genesis Flood Really Happened
  3. How Did the Flood Water Drain Off the Continents?
  4. Catastrophic Sheet Erosion and Deposition
  5. Plantation Surfaces--Overwhelming Evidence for the Flood
  6. Catastrophic Channelized Erosion
  7. Why Do Rivers Cut Through Mountains?
  8. What Does All This Mean?