Author: Kerby, Carl
Format: Digital Video Disc
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 53 minutes, 1 disc
Weight: 0.2

2011 Conference DVD Carl Kerby - Human Evolution

$ 9.75

Watch Carl Kerby at the 2011 TBC Conference in Bend, Oregon as he talks about "Human Evolution - From Ida to Us, What are the Facts?".

Fun-loving but formidable apologist Carl Kerby begins this talk, from TBC's 2011 Bible Conference, emphasizing the phrase "God said!" which is used in Scripture 46 times.

What did God say? In Genesis 1:26 it says: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness...." What does the world say? The world says we were created from a progression of apes evolving into man.

In this talk, Carl investigates Ida, the supposed missing link to human evolution. Is Ida link or lemur? Kerby challenges his audience with this assignment: "We're going to set aside our preconceived ideas and follow the observable evidence to its logical, testable, conclusion."

Just like Bereans testing everything from the truth of scriptures, viewers are encouraged to critically observe and consider all the facts in this exciting talk—proving again that man was created by God.