Author: Georgi Vins
Copyright: 1995, 2014
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9895093-6-7
Publisher: Lighthouse Trails Publishing
Size: 205 pp
Weight: .7

The Gospel in Bonds

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The Gospel in Bonds: 8 Years in the Soviet Gulags—Imprisoned for His Faith

Georgi Vins, a Baptist pastor living in the USSR, was 37 years old the first time he was imprisoned for his faith in a Soviet prison camp. He left behind his wife, his children, and his church. Over the course of thirteen years, Pastor Vins spent a total of eight years in the gulags. But in the pages of this book, you won't read about a man who felt sorry for himself of who wallowed in the misery of his sufferings. Rather, you will hear the true stories of believers whose faith in Jesus Christ took preeminence in their lives and who allowed nothing, not even a Communist government, to take away their faith and their hope. Threaded through The Gospel in Bonds is an intricately woven theme of love for God's Word and faith in the Gospel, even in the midst of severe punishment and deprivation.

I am not alone here.
My brothers in the faith

Are in many neighboring cells.
Even within these walls
Almighty God is strengthening our faith
Christ is unconquerable!
The faith lives and grows stronger!
The Messiah is with us!
Georgi Vins