Author: Daniel Defoe
Copyright: 1991
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-87552-735-2
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Size: 185 pp
Weight: 0.7

Robinson Crusoe

$ 9.00

For more that 270 years, readers everywhere have been fascinated by the young fool who ran away from wealth, security, and family for a rough life at sea—and came to his senses too late, alone on a tropical island. Alone except for cannibals, that is, and God.

Robinson Crusoe's adventure takes place on a remote island near the Orinoco River of Venezuela. Adjusting to the primitive conditions, he learns to make tools, shelters, bread, and clothing. More importantly, he becomes a Christian.

Modern editions tend to leave out Crusoe's long struggle with God and his transformation as he studies and applies God's Word. As part of the Classics for Young Readers Series, Kathryn Lindskoog faithfully preserves such details.

"Robinson Crusoe is read as eagerly today as when it was first published....The book has attained a high place in the literature of the world, and justly so."

For young readers, ages 9-13 years.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Family Left Behind
  2. First Adventures at Sea
  3. In and Out of Slavery
  4. From Brazil to a Shipwreck
  5. Looting the Wrecked Ship
  6. Making a Home
  7. Getting Organized
  8. Diary of a Castaway
  9. A Turning Point
  10. Finding Comfort
  11. Exploring the Island
  12. A New Pet
  13. Baking Bread
  14. Great Improvements
  15. Ocean Danger
  16. A Dairy Farm
  17. The Footprint
  18. Cannibals
  19. A Secret Cave
  20. Another Shipwreck
  21. Wonderful Dream
  22. Finding Friday
  23. Friendship
  24. Arrival of Savages
  25. Rescuing Captives
  26. The Mutineers
  27. Heading Home