Author: Landis, Don (general editor)
Copyright: 2012
Format: Book - Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-89051-677-5
Publisher: Master Books
Size: 109 pp
Weight: 1.7

The Genius of Ancient Man

$ 17.00

Prepare to be exposed to information and photographs you have probably never read or seen before!

A research and writing team led by Don Landis, president of Jackson Hole Bible College, invested more than two years in development of this richly illustrated, Bible-confirming new book. Landis' lifelong personal study of the fascinating subject of the intelligence of early man is readily apparent. The IQ level required to visualize, engineer, and build the many "out of place artifacts" discussed and pictured in this large format book baffles those who are steeped in Darwinian-style explanations of the origin of man, as taught in public schools and the secular media.

Thousands of hours of research, trips to numerous sites throughout North and Central America, visits to museums, and meetings with myriad experts in various nations have provided Landis' team with an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the unquestionably high level of intelligence of these early innovators.  

Hardcover with full-color photos throughout.


  1. Perspectives
  2. Presuppositional Apologetics/Starting Points
  3. Priority of god in Sequence and Time
  4. Two Kingdoms and the Counterfeit
  5. Pre-Flood Man
  6. Advanced Technology
  7. Worldwide Travel
  8. Monuments, Mounds, Pyramids...
  9. Religions and Legends
  10. Music and Art
  11. Babel is not gone
  12. More Pieces of the Ancient Man Puzzle