Author: Randall Price
Copyright: 2005
Format: DVD
MSRP: 14.99
Publisher: World of the Bible Productions
Size: 70 min
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Biblical Support for the Modern State of Israel

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A Powerpoint teaching session with Randall Price

Thousands of Jews and Christians support the modern state of Israel - but does the Bible give any justification for such support?

What is the Jewish people's right to the land?

How long was the land promise to last?

Why do some deny biblical support for Israel?

Randall Price (Th.M. Old Testament and Semitic Languages and Ph.D. Middle Eastern Studies) has lived in Israel and did graduate studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has served as director of archaeological excavations on the Qumran Plateau (site of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and as president World of the Bible Ministries, lectures worldwide on the ancient world and its relationship to the Bible.