Conference Lunch on Saturday

$ 15.00

It is too late to order lunches online.  Please check in the bookstore at the conference, we might have extras.  Please note that there are plenty of other food options right around the convention center.

The conference center is providing boxed lunches for those who would like to purchase a lunch.

There will be additional tables and chairs set up indoors and outdoors at the conference center.  If you buy a lunch, you will be able to pick it up and eat wherever you want.

This is the option for Saturday, sorry no substitutions:

  • Sliced Turkey and Provolone Cheese with Crisp Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion and Tomato on a Fresh Baked Croissant
  • Potato Chips
  • Seasonal Whole Fresh Fruit
  • Assorted Freshly Baked Cookies

(We realize the lunch is expensive for "what you get".  Food is very expensive at conference centers, and factored into how much we are charged for the event.  We do not make money from these lunches, but want to make them available for those who like the convenience of eating at the conference center with other attendees  There are many less expensive eating options close to the Riverhouse. 

Please note: water is served in glasses, not in bottles.

We request also that you do not bring your own food into the conference center. We don't want to do anything to inhibit fellowship, but must also abide by the "house rules")