In Stock! Charting The Bible Chronologically May 25 2017

T. A. McMahon writes, “This succinct book by Tommy Ice and Ed Hindson meets a critical need in the church today. Too few, especially among the upcoming Christian generation, are aware of God’s historic and chronological plan of events that will impact their lives. Ignorance of what the Bible declares prophetically is akin to driving wearing a blindfold, spiritually and practically. Knowing what Scripture affirms will take place protects us from being deceived and encourages our confidence that God is sovereignly involved with His creation. Charting the Bible Chronologically is a great jumpstart to searching the Scriptures for what has and will take place.” From “In the beginning” to the New Jerusalem, this theologically sound and easy-to-understand compilation provides the big picture of what God has done, is doing, and will do. The authors give readers a panoramic view of the events recorded in Scripture, with 40-plus full-color charts!

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FREE Resources on "Christian Palestinianism"! October 01 2015

We are blessed to offer these free resources presented by Dr. Paul Wilkinson who coined the term "Christian Palestinianism" while doing his PhD research at Manchester University (2003-2006). His thesis was entitled, "John Nelson Darby and the Origins of Christian Zionism." The term is used to represent those within the Church whose theology of Israel is diametrically opposed to that of biblical Christian Zionism, and whose opposition to Israel and her Christian allies is expressed in their outspoken support of the Palestinian agenda. Paul's work is now published by The Berean Call under the title Understanding Christian Zionism - Israel's Place in the Purposes of God. Find out more about the book HERE.

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Paul's 2011 TBC conference talk "Christian Palestinianism" and the booklet "Prophets Who Prophesy Lies in My Name" Christian Palestinianism and the anti-Israel Crusade. 


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