Author: Hunt, Dave
Format: Book
Publisher: Straight Street Publishing
Size: 140 pp, Pub 1999
Weight: 0.7

God of the Untouchables

$ 9.00

The poignantly human, true story of a young Hindu, raised in the heart of India, who found the Salvation that all men seek!

Paul Gupta...

  • A brilliant student, he failed in school.
  • A devoted son, he stole from his father.
  • A devout Hindu, named for a god, he succumbed to debauchery.

And now, here he was, enrolled at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles! Where was the God of the Untouchables leading him?

Everyone who has been tempted to turn to the East for enlightenment, who has been intrigued by Eastern mysticism, who is thinking of trying Eastern meditation, should read God of the Untouchables—proof that Jesus Christ is still the only answer to the world's problems.



"The son of a high-caste Hindu moneylender, Vankateswarni Gupta broke with tradition in a land steeped in religion. Upon his conversion he was renamed Paul after the great apostle because of his unusual zeal.

"Being convinced that Christ was the only way, he began to grow in his newfound faith as he introduced others to the life-changing God. Still in his teens, he was put out of his home. Owning nothing more than the clothes on his back and a Bible, Paul learned to walk with God.

"Miraculously God fitted Paul with a helpmate, a conviction to begin a school that was true to the Bible, acceptance for schooling overseas, and funds for the trip to America.

"I remember the day when Paul arrived in Los Angeles and began his seminary training. We all listened to his testimony of how the Lord led him to America. Before I graduated, my own life was enriched by his fervent zeal in the only True God he had come to know in India.

"Dave Hunt has been able to capsulize the life of a modern George Mueller, who returned to his native land of India to multiply his life through the Hindustan Bible Institute graduates. I not only commend the book, but I urge Christians everywhere to read it and profit from it."

—Russell Killman, Heaven and Home Hour, Glendale, California

Table of Contents:

  1. The God that Demands Hair
  2. In Search of Salvation
  3. Power in the Blood
  4. Hinduism Accepts All Religions
  5. Echoes from the Past
  6. Never! Never!
  7. A Partner Chosen by God
  8. Triumph and Tragedy
  9. "I Serve a Remarkable God"
  10. In the Heavenly Father's Care
  11. The Hindustan Bible Institute
  12. Faith...or Vain Hope?
  13. The New Missionaries
  14. The Lord is Faithful
  15. Update 1999

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